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Bloomberg Arts and Culture Internship Program 2017 - Employer Survey

As part of your participation in the Bloomberg Arts and Culture Internship program, you are invited to participate in this survey about your experiences with the intern(s) who worked for you and the program overall.

excellentgoodfairneeds work
Program orientation meeting
Program Administration
Program overall
Intern 1
excellentgoodfairneeds work
work habits
office skills
written communication skills
verbal communication skills
attention to detail
time management/project planning skills
computer/Technological Skills
workplace etiquette
confidence Levels
capacity to handle stress
working relationship with you
working relationship with other staff members
leadership skills
YesDefinitelyquite a bita littlenot at alldon't know
became better at sharing responsibilities
became better at collaborating
learned that working together requires compromise
learned to be patient with other coworkers
learned to take initiative
better understood workplace expectations
became better at taking feedback
became more aware of their strengths and weaknesses
acknowledged that others counted on them
recognized job and career opportunities