Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Expands Bloomberg Arts Summer Internship Program with New Programming with Thomas Jefferson University, 72 Interns, 34 Worksites & Seven Internship Mentors

Paid Summer Internship Program Cultivates Next Generation of Arts & Culture Leaders Through Bloomberg Philanthropies Grant

Upcoming Events at the Cultural Alliance!

Let’s start 2023 off with a bang! We are excited to bring you many events this season that will build upon your resiliency, creativity, and spring forth an artful future. Over the next few months, we will have programs that help you navigate the evolving hiring and retention practices; a workshop to assist with understanding and expanding your revenue potentials; a mayoral forum that will give you a voice to influence policy changes; and much more. Learn more about our upcoming events on our website!

As a reminder, as a member you receive special perks with these upcoming programs. If you are not a member, consider joining today! To learn more about membership at the Cultural Alliance, please contact Lauren Gilmore, Director of Member Engagement at

Member Spotlight

The Village of Arts and Humanities is a cultural treasure in the Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood of North Philadelphia, which uses art to envision and generate a thriving community where Black residents are leaders, stewards, and ultimate beneficiaries of reinvestment. The organization is a renowned model for ground-level work that blends art with social justice, neighborhood revitalization, and youth development. 

People travel from as far away as Gambia and Taiwan to visit The Village's Ile Ife Park, the crown jewel of its creative campus comprising art parks, murals, and sculptures created over 36 years by the hands and imaginations of artists and neighbors. Read the blog to learn more about its roots, unique approach to work, and what’s next for the organization.

Member Spotlight

The Mission of Acting Without Boundaries (AWB) is to transform lives and build self-esteem in an empowered community of people with physical disabilities, through theater that celebrates ability. Through their five performing arts and disability awareness programs, AWB Juniors, AWB Seniors, AWB Melodies, AWB Masters and AWB Acting Lab, participants discover how to take risks and learn from mistakes in a safe environment which is free from judgement. AWB programming educates the community at large on what people with disabilities can do. Read more about Acting Without Boundaries in our blog!

Member Spotlight

Spiral Q is a 25 year old arts and justice nonprofit that unleashes the power of art to connect people, actions, values, neighborhoods, organizations, and movements to each other and to their collective creative force for change. They work with up to 100 diverse partners annually, prioritizing disenfranchised communities whose residents are systematically oppressed due to race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic, and sexual identities. They are artists, educators, and cultural workers partnering with schools, youth service providers, CBOs, cultural centers, AIDS service and advocacy groups, LGBTQIA+ groups, advocates for the unhoused, addiction recovery centers, and mental health providers. Spiral Q knows their communities to be culturally rich in tradition, heritage and strong social bonds. Their neighborhood and city-wide partners are committed collaborators and informational resources that guide our work along with their team of talented teaching artists who demonstrate high quality teaching artistry and share their creativity and experience as thought-partners.

Bloomberg Arts Interns Finish Their Summer of Cultural Immersion and Professional Development

This Friday, the Cultural Alliance will celebrate the conclusion of the 2021 Bloomberg Arts Internship (“BAI”) with presentations by interns in a special closing ceremony. Since 2015, the Cultural Alliance has partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies to deliver this one-of-a-kind program, matching exceptional high school students from across the city with paid internships at dozens of area arts and culture organizations.

Member Spotlight

Philadelphia Young Playwrights (PYP) taps the potential of youth and inspires learning through playwriting. With a special emphasis on working with students in the School District of Philadelphia, their Core Program gives students a platform to express themselves through playwriting, which advances literacy skills, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills. Learn more about PYP’s past year of virtual programs, partnership with the Bloomberg Internship Program, and our future plans on their blog.

Arts as Infrastructure: How PMAY Shared Resources for the Benefit of Music Educators

As arts advocates, it can begin to feel like you’re shouting into the void when trying to explain the value of arts and culture. In recent months, the Alliance led a campaign to highlight the importance of the arts as infrastructure. Like power lines and bridges, we said, the arts are critical to our collective health and wealth. But even a metaphor suffers from abstraction. So what do we really mean? This is what we mean:

Member Spotlight

One might think that remaining closed during the pandemic would mean quiet months. But for the team at Please Touch Museum (PTM), it’s been exactly the opposite. There is a ton of action behind-the-scenes as its team works to “Create the Future of Play” for the children of Philadelphia and beyond. With an eye toward reopening in 2021, PTM is reimagining much of its lower level in historic Memorial Hall with a new gallery, a forthcoming Makerspace and a total reinvention of its most beloved exhibit, The Market.  Read about just a few of the exciting projects that families can look forward to in 2021.  

Member Spotlight

It goes without saying that this is a challenging time for those of dedicated to the live performing arts. At People’s Light, a professional Regional Theatre located in Malvern, PA, their hearts are missing that frisson of live connection. However, they continue to be driven by their commitment to make theatre in a larger sense.  In their mission, People’s Light identifies itself as a cultural and civic center with theatre at its core. Positioned in this way, theatre is the stuff we can create, but also a way of generating space for ongoing civic engagement and dialogue with and for our communities. So while they can’t safely produce plays in this moment, their charge to use artistry and creativity for ongoing civic and community engagement remains. In this article, they offer ways that they have continued to make theatre at People’s Light since the pandemic has taken hold.