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Leverage your Marketing Benefits

Audience Engagement Member Benefits

  1. All members receive Free Funsaver Highlights.
    What is a Funsaver Highlight?

    A Funsaver Highlight is the lead feature in one of our weekly Thursday Funsaver emails. All we need is 250 words to 500 words, written in the 3rd person, with an image or collage (600px wide x 396 high px) of content promoting your organization. The options for this promotional space are endless: you can talk about your brand, your upcoming seasons or exhibitions, or recent lessons learned coming back from the pandemic. We just ask for no direct solicitation. We reserve the right to edit email for quality and brand continuity, and no previews are given of this email.

    To schedule your highlight today, please contact Madeline Avarese, Membership Services Coordinator at

  2. Schedule Specialized Marketing Conversations with the Audience Engagement Team

    Marketing, communications, and advertising tend to get thrown into one big pot, but the truth is, that all of these things are individual to your organization, your message and your capacity. Why not start the brainstorming process with the Audience Engagement team? As a member, you can schedule one 45-minute marketing consultation session to talk through your specific marketing needs and receive recommendations.

To schedule a consultation session, please contact Madeline Avarese, Marketing Coordinator.


  1. Join the Arts Marketing Affinity Group

    The Arts Marketing Affinity Group is a peer exchange specifically for arts marketers to learn current marketing trends, audience research, data management, and the latest innovations in marketing. Benefits of joining the Affinity Group include:

    • Peer learning with colleagues from various organizations
    • Professional Development
    • Slack Channel for continued conversations and information sharing tailored to arts marketing
    • Access to previous Marketing Affinity Group video recordings for self-paced learning
  2. Special Advertising Rate with Broad Street Review

    Cultural Alliance members get a special 10% discount on advertising with Broad Street Review through June 30, 2022. Broad Street Review (BSR) is an online journalistic space for arts and culture in the Greater Philadelphia region. BSR is “the home of arts, culture, and conversation.”

    This is a great digital space to promote your events, programming, and organization.

    To take advantage of this membership benefit, contact Sid Schechter, President and Publisher, at Be sure to tell Sid you’re a proud Cultural Alliance member!